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Genre: World War 2, Real Life
Gameplay: FPS, Shooter
Publisher: Army Rage


Army Rage is a free online FPS published mainly by Yacuba Games offering a very wide spread free roam battlefield of mayhem. As for the company, it seems that they have first published this game in Korea although no surprise there. One of the first game that was published in the late 2011, could be considered as a 2012 game. It truly amazing to see such massive maps, have not seen as much freedom since Warrock although now Warrock has been degrading ever since. As for Yacuba game, very oddly I have noticed that the logo is actually from an anime character called "Reborn", quite weird to be copying the character however; I do not think the anime has copyrighted the character. Anyway, back to main topic, Army Rage seems to be the first game FPS game Yacuba has published. As far as I played this game, seems to offer a wide spread, free roam and very large maps enough for a MASS battle. An epic shooter to compliment, and so to explain in full depth, below are my opinons.


Mainly an FPS game, Yacuba has finally introduced an action packed, exhilarating fast paced multiplayer action and is going to do much more. An epic and unique FPS, clearly one of the best, although there are many other acpects of the game that needs to be improved, for exmaple the overall font. The ability to control tanks and turrets is a really wise move as it would leave the player choice and indivisuality. Clearly this game involves tactics and the ability to go places where you can have a nice view to shoot. Maps designs are amazing due to the shooting area changing considering other games such as AVA have very adequate maps. The World War 2 theme seems to suit this game very well as the gun designs are specifically accurate to that of a real gun. Recoil in most guns are managable however, we all know it all comes down to the physics of the game. As many free roams offer, they are typical classes such as Assault, Scout, Support and Engineer, all have their own speciality of weapons and skills. In terms of depth, really nice map designs, character design and many more it has to offer. Being based in a World War 2 theme is also a unique style of game as many games prefer the modern day combat, maybe even Sci-Fi themed. An overall opinion is stable and robust gameplay from my experience.

Gameplay Rating: 9/10

Army Rage

Just another FPS?

As a new game, I do think it would take time in order for the game to increase in popularity however, I do not think that would be a problem. Quite a epic wide spread game map types which fits the World War theme very nicely. It's clear to see that superior FPS's such as this can get exetremely popular. There is of course a premium currency however, it will not hinder your gameplay experience. Different game types will offer unique experiences each time, one aspect is that the maps are just too big so the map is sectioned into different parts everytime in order to prevent boredom. If anyone at all thinks that Army Rage copies other successful games then I would have to disagree as they have made a completely epic new FPS.


Army Rage

As shown in the screenshots, very detailed and much work has been done, smooth anti-aliasing (Smooth animation) and gun designs are exceptionally well. As the system requirements suggest, best experiences with the game is when the graphics settings are at max, this is where the game somes to life. Offering exceptional gameplay as well as smooth graphics is hard game to find. As a new game, I think it has made a breakthrough in online FPS gaming as it is free and offers a several gameplays.

Graphics Rating: 8/10

Generalisation of the game

As an overall opinion, as a new game to FPS industry, it does stand a chance to be successful although events seem to be something to improve on. As it is a free game, money would be an issue for the company however the game seems to be worthy. I only hope that you guys enjoy this game as I did, furthermore always think about new game types that this game would offer to keep an everlasting appeal.

Minimum Requirements
CPU: INTEL P4 2.0/AMD ATHLON64 3200+

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Army Rage

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