Halo Reach: An epic Prequel


Halo Reach is last Halo game to be made by Bungie, who are due to the success of the game, one of the most successful game developers of all time. Halo Reach is a prequel to the original trilogy which helps you to delve into the background of the Spartans and the war between the Human race and The Covenant, a group of alien races joined to one cause. However before you read this review and are thinking of buying Halo: Reach, I suggest that you should buy the previous games. Failing that I advised that you at least Halo: 3. If you do you will have a deeper understanding of the hugely beautiful campaign and narrative that Halo instils into the gamer.


If you have played Halo: Reach, already you know that the button layout has change acutely from the previous games. Although this makes no difference to many players, it makes it seem as though your playing a totally new game but with the same Halo quality. The game play really intensifies your imagination of the battle to a galactic scale, as you face the little annoying grunts, a.k.a , bastards to the monstrous walking tanks that are the haunters and skilled and specialised elites. Halo is not only known for its visually stunning and beautiful scenery, but also its breathtaking music which emphasise the grandeur of the Halo campaign.
Now to the actual story, well this is going to take a while... This is why its so great! If you have played the original trilogy, youll know that the game revolves around Spartan 117 a.k.a John a.k.a Master Chief which he is most famously known as and is the only surviving Spartan and hes AI companion Cortana, who are on a mission that takes through battling on strange and wondrous ring worlds to the final battle with the Covenant and the Flood. So, Halo: Reach takes you back before all the mayhem in the trilogy, and back to more mayhem. Reach is about the Covenants invasion of Reach which is the UNSC main planet of operations and the home world of the superhuman Spartans. In this storyline you follow the tale of Noble team lead by Carter who is under the command of Colonel Urban Holland. You are Spartan B-312 Noble Six and your mission is to help in the defence of Reach, although that is your main mission there is also a package of high importance that has to be delivered to Captain Keyes.
Halo Reach also presents an equally amazing multiplayer experience in which there are stunning map variants, armour and emblem customization. As well as competitive multiplayer modes there is are also co-op campaign modes, fire fight where you face wave after wave of Covenant enemies and loads of other great modes in which you can put your skills to the test any which way you like. The multiplayer includes features not seen in previous titles like armour abilities for example jet pack, armour lock, hologram etc. Another feature is the credit system which is unique to Halo in that not many FPS titles on the Xbox have a credit system this makes levelling up more enjoyable and the games more competitive.

Halo Reach FPS Gameplay

Generalisation of the game

How much can I say about the game. Firstly my list of appraisals could not fit on to the page. Secondly I might seem a bit bias towards Halo: Reach, but heres the thing Halo has offered me so much joy that other games could not. If you arent a competitive player and you dont think that campaigns on other FPS games offer you quite what you wished for, then Halo brings the most enthralling campaign and storyline youll ever touch. The multiplayer makes you feel part of a really close community, players are able to help each other and share creations brought to life in forge. This is why I would put Halo as one of my favourite games and a game that I will always play after all other titles are dried out and that is the important thing to remember, that as a FPS Halo is so unique that it will leave a solid legacy for future generations of games. xRcLaRkmw3 Spartan R-1995

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