Karma Online World War 2 FPS Action

Genre: World war 2
Gameplay: first Person Shooter, MMO


Karma online is a 3D MMO FPS game made by joymax set in the WW2, which shows you an insight to WW2 guns, scenaries and real battle grounds. Joymax to start off is a reasonably popular company as they published Silk road which is a popular MMORPG. Since this was a relatively new game in 2011, I didn't think it would get popular in my opinion because what I would assume is that the genre it self is out dated or just not in fashion. For a free to play game, it offers many guns and costumes for free players, of course if you pay you would have a lot of benefits. I dont know the reason for releasing a WW2 style game but I noticed that some of the guns used was actually in Call of duty, this is where it all became clear. If you have played this thoroughly, you would notice that many aspects are from Call of duty, the aim down sight, sprinting, map creations and so on. I do not think they meant for me to compare it to a console game but it very much reminds me of it. Most of all I think Joymax has really out done themselves, as right now it is proving to be very popular at the moment. This game brings a classic feel to it but with upgraded graphics makes this game also new generation.


As most FPS start off with is the Counter Strike feel but this game is totally different as they use their own engine. A very unique game indeed, showing many characters with a different past and ability, thats right, each character have different alilities meaning pros and cons between each of them. There are a total of 7 character that you can obtain either by leveling up or buying with real money. As a shooter game, it has ranks instead of calling it levels, the ranking system is quite good as they seperate the points earned for unlocking a skill point and the experience gained to level up. The controls and feel of the game are relatively good, where you can sprint which most shooters do not offer, aim down sight is also provided though I do not think it makes a difference. As for game types, they are: Team deathmatch, demolition run, free for all, steal, escape, berserker, infection survival, prisoner and finally domination, well typical game types but a few game types of their own. A variety of game types though I do not think all will be seen played, during my time of gameplay, team deathmatch seemed to be the only one played the most. In terms of map designs, all are symetrically made with some differences, and to be honest, the map desigins are somewhat related to WW2 keeping to the theme of the game I guess.

Karma Online

Good or bad Karma?

For a newly released game in 2011, I think I'm quite dissapointed overall but that's not to say that the game itself is bad. In my opinion I think the best parts of the game is the map desgins, if you dont mind the overall gameplay, be happy to play this game. Though I'm not completely satisfied it is a very stable game as in bugs, errors, glitches and other problems are very minimal. Remember that this joymax has made their own engine and not from some Counter Strike source. One feature that I do like is the skills and how different they are to what characters which shows personaltiy in the character. Since this is in fact a WW2 style game, it has the real life aspects of the character, its not like Combat Arms where you do epic jumps while shooting because if you do that in Karma Onlne, your aiming will suffer severley. All in all I think this is a very stable and enjoyable game with an everlasting appeal but could do with more unique aspects of their own, please do not be discouraged as this is only my opinion.


For a game to be set in WW2 made me think, if this is set in an old time, should the graphics to the same? The answer is no, the graphics surprisingly were very nicely made. The graphics with full settings just look very realistic which could compare to many successful console games like Battlefield. As I said before the map designs in terms of symmetry are very well made and thats why graphics of the maps are indeed fantastic. Scenery wise, not that many interactive places meaning no breakable crates which most game dont do. The character desgins are somewhat better then the scenery, more game developers concentrate more on the character desgin and Karma is no different. This game does support widescreen which is a good sign of modern gaming.

Karma Online

Game Depth

Total carnage with peace of mind - fight hordes of zombies in the Non-PVP zombie mode!

Customized character. Air Strike available. Contents for advanced players including weapons and armor settings within the weight limit.

Believable portrayal of World War II battlefields with top-notch graphics

Employment of different strategies through specialized game play style according to each military branch - Cooperative game play reinforced with limited selection of main weapons and secondary weapons for each military branch

Game channels structured by rank and win ratio to accommodate game play between players of similar skill level

Warm-up maps to prepare yourself before the real deal
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Minimum Requirement:

OS Windows XP / Windows Vista
Video: GeForce FX 5700, Radeon 9550 or better (Video RAM 128 MB or higher)
CPU: Pentium 4 or better
RAM: 1 GB or higher
DirectX 9.0c

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Karma Online

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