League of Legends: Dota Rip off?

Genre: Moba
Gameplay: Moba, Dota, Strategy
Publisher: Riot Games

Introduction (Success of Game)

League of Legends is a dota style free to play MMO published by mobafire, offering a mass community with a world wide appeal. As many of the MMO gamers know, it is based on the whole Dota aspect however, with improved mechanics of the original. League of legends has been widely accepted by gamers to still be a unique MMO as it is free to play with epic champions. As we undergo this review, keep in mind that moba does fully support Dota and so the developers themselves have accepted League of Legends. Moba first introduced this game in 2007, during the release, much work had to be done, many champion balancing issues and interface glitches, however recieving support from the community allowed the game to stabalise. Other similar games that are Dota style is of course Heroes of Neweth which is slightly less popular than League of Legends.

Gameplay (Gameplay Types, Opinions)

As many of the community in MMO's know, this games is meant to be played similar to Dota. There are however many different aspects of the game which make it different from the original Dota games out there. I seem to think that the genre is Dota however the genre is called a moba style gameplay. The most obvious diffference is the Champions they have to offer, each have different roles in the game. The obvious roles that should be included are tank/support, AD/AP Carry, and then the optional jungler (Sets and initiates ganks, also cover lanes while player is missing). Game does have a few balancing issues such as the levels, people can invite level 30 summoners, in a level 1 game. As for the general scenario and gameplay types, League of Legends offers Summoner's Rift (Classic Moba), Crystal Star (Capture Bases in order to dominate the map, also called Dominion) and Twisted Treeline (3v3 with two lanes, classic moba gameplay). So looking at the variety of activities, it's not just taking on the moba genre however expanding the types of games.

The only Moba?

Since the release of League of Legends, many other games were released such as Heroes of Neweth and Realm of the titans though the clear winner in the free to play aspect is definitely League of Legends. There have been some controversy between Dota 2 and League of Legends, I am not completely sure if Dota 2 is free to play however, at this moment, League of Legends is clearly the winner. The success of this game has been announced world wide, only because they are opening competitions and winner obtains an amazing cash prize. To have come this far as a free to play game clearly shows the whole quality of the game however cannot say much about the community. Much of the community becomes arrogant due to their level however, what they do not realise is that level only shows how much you have played, not the level of skill.

Graphics (Visually, Scenery)

The visuals of League of Legends is clearly more unique than other moba genres, it implements a cartoony style yet detailed champions. The overall scenery since the new texture was released has become many times better than the previous one. More detailed and interactive scenery is what the gaming experience really worth it. Though I do not dare say that Dota is better, it's just the question of preference. The system requirements is quite demanding although playing this game on full settings will give a whole new perspective in the gameplay.
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